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Stock Flat Rules

Age: 15 and up

Motor: Any 6.5HP 212 Engine, No Predator Ghost Engines

Weight: 340 lbs

Class Payout: 80% payback

Fuel: 87 Octane or Race Fuel (No Alcohol/Methanol, No additives)

Clutch: Any clutch allowed

Tires: Non Tech


Engine / Other Rules:


- NO CL1, CL2, CL3 or CL4 Cams allowed. No BSP Cams must run the stock cam that
the motor came with in the box.

- Stock head gasket ONLY this is a tech component.

- Cylinder heads may NOT be interchanged between hemi and non-hemi models

- Exhaust: Any pipe allowed as long as it is not a safety issue. Must run a muffler. 

- Restrictor Plate: Un-restricted – No restrictor required.

- No machining of head or block.

- The Low Oil Sensor switch may be electrically disconnected, and it may also be
removed if desired.

- The governor assembly may be removed in its entirety, and if removed the block hole
must be plugged.

- Exhaust system must be located within the confines of the kart. 

- Engine Fuel Tank may be located in the stock position or optionally a floor mounted
fuel tank  may be utilized. If a top mounted fuel tank is utilized, the cap must be taped
down. If a floor mounted fuel tank is used, an auxiliary fuel pump and top plate with
associated fuel and pulse lines are allowed, and the fuel pump may be pulsed from the
engine side cover crankcase, or valve cover. 

- An aftermarket flywheel is required.

- Ultra-light flywheels are not allowed.

- All items other than the ones specifically mentioned are to be stock OEM parts in OEM

- 10.8 valve springs only.

-  Must run stock carburetor, boring of carburetor of any kind is not allowed. Holy Moses
carburetors are not allowed.

- After market air filter is allowed.

- Jets are a non-tech component.

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