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Points System

  • Drivers must attend 80% of the races for points to count towards end of the season awards.

  • Cost to register your number for end of year awards has increased to $20.

  • Heat Race: Winner gets 5 points, 1 point will be deducted per position after 1 point being the lowest possible

  • Feature Race: Winner gets 25 points, and 1 point will be deducted per position after

  • If you are black flagged in your heat you will start at the tail of the feature race, if black flagged during a feature race, you risk losing points for that race (No last place points will be awarded), only heat race points will be awarded.

Flag System

  • Green Flag / Light: Session is open and Hotlaps / Heat or Racing has begun.

  • Yellow Flag Motionless / Light: Slow down. ABSOLUTELY NO PASSING is permitted.

  • Yellow Flag Waving / Light: Great danger, slow down. Be prepared to stop. ABSOLUTELY NO PASSING is permitted.

  • Black Flag Furled: Warning. You are driving in an unsafe manner or you did something wrong. If you continue to do so, an open black flag will be shown to you.

  • Black Flag Open: Flagman has disqualified Driver, Complete current lap and pull into the pits safely.

  • Red Flag / Light: Emergency. Come to an immediate and controlled stop on the side of the track, in a safe location.

  • White Flag and Green Crossed: Halfway point of Race.

  • White Flag: Last lap warning.

  • Checkered Flag: Session is over. Complete current lap cautiously and exit via pit lane. Passing rules remain the same during the checkered flag lap. Always take a cooldown lap before leaving track.

Restart Cone / Single File Restarts

  • On single file restarts, the track staff will place a cone on exit of turn 2.

  • Drivers must stay single file and DO NOT PASS OR ATTEMPT TO PASS before passing the cone.

  • If you attempt to pass or you pass anyone before the cone, or hit the cone with your kart the yellow will be thrown and you will be moved to the rear of the field. 

  • Leader must enter turn 1 before accelerating to the cone. The leader sets the pace on entry to turn one.

  • Link to track overhead can be found on the Directions page. This shows the restart cone location for reference. 

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