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Pro Predator Rules (2024)

           The reason for this class is so the Adult Predator drivers have a class they can move up to something comparable to a Clone Motor. Keeping the same engine and applying mods to build up their engine as they see fit.


Technical Rules and Regulations:

Engine: Predator 212/224cc / Ducar 212cc (Must appear stock)

Age: 14 & Up

Weight: 360 lbs

Tires: Non Tech

Payout: 80% payback


The addition of Stock Predator Motors has been allowed, but Stock Predator Motor rules still apply for racers who wish to race with a that motor. Stock Claim does not apply in this class.

1) Fuel: 87 Octane or Race Fuel (No Alcohol/Methanol, No additives)

2) Engine must utilize the stock air box, the air box must remain Unaltered, No tampering of any kind to the flow chamber. No boring the chambers to allow more airflow. Running an air filter inside the air box is optional. All airflow to engine MUST flow through the flow chamber. Installation must remain stock from air intake port to filter housing, No added spacers to allow air to bypass filter housing.

3) The Low Oil Sensor switch may be electrically disconnected, and it may also be removed if desired.


4) The governor assembly may be removed in it's entirety, and if removed the block hole must be plugged.

5) Open Exhaust Rule. (Except Motors also running in stock class, Those motors must have RLV muffler, unmodified)

6) Exhaust system must be located within the confines of the kart. 


7) Engine Fuel Tank may be located in the stock position or optionally a floor mounted fuel tank  may be utilized. If a top mounted fuel tank is utilized, the cap must be taped down. If a floor mounted fuel tank is used, an auxiliary fuel pump and top plate with associated fuel and pulse lines are allowed, and the fuel pump may be pulsed from the engine side cover crankcase, or valve cover. 


8) The stock flywheel MUST to be replaced with a PVL flywheel OR Billet flywheel. (Except Motors also running stock class, Stock flywheel is acceptable)

9) Must be the stock block / side cover and head. (Engine must look stock on the outside, no billet side cover, block or head)

10) Open Clutch (Disc or Drum)

11) This is an "Open" tire class. Any tire used for kart racing allowed. No yard kart turf tires.

12) Biller spacers are Allowed, (Valve cover spacer / carb spacer)

12) Pull starter cover can be removed to delete the pull starter, to allow for electric start but, the cover must be drilled out and replaced so no open flywheel is exposed. This will alleviate the breakage of the pull ropes and is optional.


Claiming an Engine:

This class is a non claimer class, There will be no claiming of any motors or protesting.

Inspection of Engine:

A full visual inspection of the intake box (no alterations allowed), visual inspection of the Mufflers Baffles (no boring allowed) , and Visual inspection of the PVL / ARC flywheel will be the only items up for tech (Stock flywheel not allowed, unless running a stock motor in Stock class and Pro.)

The above items will be checked every night on the top 3 Karts after a feature.


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