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2019 Race Season News

-Added 11/17/2019-

We plan on having our Banquet in January or February, please stay tuned to our Facebook page or on our website for exact date and detail's.

-Added 10/5/2019-

We have decided to not race today due to the rain we have received and the rain that is in the forecast. Our next race will be October 19th.

-Added 8/26/2019-

2019 Mafia Mayhem at 3D Raceway.

September 7th 2019, Gates open at 4, Hotlaps at 6, and Races at 7.

Additional info below and in flyer:

Remember rules are either NKA or AKRA and you must claim which set of rules you will be using at Tech. If you have any questions or concerns please Contact Scott Pevehouse (918) 869-2708.


-Added 8/25/2019-

There will be rule update's for the Adult Predator, These changes will be updated before 8/31/2019. We are also revamping the way the website works and flows to allow faster loading and easier navigation. If you find something doesn't work, it will be fixed soon.

-Added 5/24/2019-

We will be adding $50 to the two largest classes. (Go-karts or Motorcycles) And remember 5/25/2019 Race will be double points, We at this time still do not accept Debit/Credit cards at 3D Raceway.

-Added 4/10/2019-

The Race Results and Points have been updated for the April 6th Race. We have also updated the Rules page for the Kids and Adult Predator Classes to clearly show only Drum clutches will be allowed, NO DISC type will be permitted. Links to the Rules and Results are Hyperlinked.

-Added 3/25/2019-

Well after working the track all day Saturday and hoping the rain would pass us by, we were sadly mistaken. We hope everyone will be back for our second race, Which will now be our first due to the crazy weather we have here. We appreciate everyone who came out to try and get the first race in the books. Remember everyone who showed up and paid will receive free entry into our next race Pit Pass and Entry Fee. (Rolled over from the rain out week)

-Added 3/22/2019-

To fully prepare for the 2019 Season all driver points from 2018 have been removed and we are ready for your name to appear there! So Come join us on March 23rd 2019 and start your journey to a possible 2019 Track Championship on the fastest little dirt track in Muskogee County!

-Added 3/7/2019-

We have added Play Dates to the Schedule, Click HERE to see when you can come out and test on the track for the 2019 Season.

-Added 10/29/2018-

News for our 2018 Season can be found under the Previous Race Seasons section. News will be archived there at the end of each season.

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