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2018 Race Season News

-Added 10/23/2018-


-Added 9/30/2018-

The 2019 Race Schedule has been added. You can Click Here to head directly to the page now. Please stay tuned for an update on our play day date(s).

-Added 9/21/2018-

Due to rain, We have decided to cancel the races for September 22nd. We will resume racing on September 29th.

-Added 9/7/2018-

Due to rain, We have decided to cancel the races for September 8th. We will resume racing on September 22nd.

-Added 8/27/2018-

We have decided to cancel the races for September 1st. We will resume racing on September 8th.

-Added 7/28/2018-

We have decided to cancel the races for July 28th, 2018. With rain in the forecast and our track owner Dee Russell being very sick the past few days, we will decide when and if we will make this race up. If we decide not to make up the race, we will have a double points night before the end of the year. We thank everyone for their support and understanding. 

-Added 7/9/2018-

-Added 7/8/2018-

New features coming soon, we are soon going to be purchasing video recording equipment that will record all the feature races. We have linked a test video in the July 7th race results page, if the class name has an icon that looks like this (       ) you can click it and it will play the feature for that class. We are in the early stages of this, but allowing anyone anywhere to see these races in full HD is a much requested feature and we at 3D Raceway love the idea as well. Please stayed tuned for more information. For now head over HERE and see a user submitted video for testing purposes. 

-Added 7/3/2018-

We have made a couple updates to the site. The race schedule is no longer on the main page, you must click on the header -Schedule/Results- and you will be taken to the new page. This update is more mobile friendly and can be accessed by pressing the three bar tab on the top of any page on your mobile device. (This change decreases loading times on all devices.)

-Added 6/3/2018-


We are cancelling the Motorcycle Race that was scheduled for June 23rd, We are giving the Motorcycles the option to instead race on June 16th.

-Added 5/25/2018-


Updates on the Adult Predator Rules on internal alterations. Link HERE.

-Added 5/20/2018-


We will no longer allow drivers to use Dark Tinted Shields during the Night time Features. Clear or Amber colored only. This is a safety issue and you will not be allowed to race unless you follow this rule. We have 2 weeks until our next race to ensure your Helmet Shield complies with our new Safety Standard. Link to Rules Here!

-Added 5/14/2018-

NUMBER REGISTRATION: This is another reminder the deadline to register your number to be eligible for end of the year awards. We are allowing online registration and payment starting today till June 2nd, a link to the page can be found HERE. It will be $10 per kart. Please fill out the form as complete as possible. If you have any question's please E-mail Us or click the Red chat icon on the bottom right of the page, or red button on the bottom of your phone.

-Added 5/6/2018-


   We have updated the Rules on our OHV Engines for all Clone Classes

Click HERE to see the changes (Protest Section at Bottom of page)

-Added 4/26/2018-


    We have updated the Schedule:

May 5th - Double Points

-Added 4/21/2018-


     The race for April 21st has been canceled due to Rain.

-Added 4/18/2018-


     Deadline to register your number is set for June 2nd,It will be $10 per kart / per class. After June 2nd if your kart is not registered we will no longer keep track of your points.

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