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Stock Appearing / Super Stock Rules

2019 Rules

Fuel- Methanol; must pass hydrometer test.

Base Engine must be a Clone 6.5 hp, non-overhead cam engine. No Hondas.

 Bolts and Studs must be factory stock, but may be drilled and safety wired. 

Thread repair inserts are legal. The use of bolts instead of studs on the exhaust is permitted, and it is advisable to use drilled bolts so that they can be safety wired to prevent loss.

 Gaskets are non-tech items.

Any sealants and Thread Lockers are allowed so long as any part which must be removed for technical inspection can be removed.

 Block Cylinder Bore is 2.725″ maximum.

Block Deck- may be decked, piston pop-up is non-tech.

 O-ringing the block deck is not legal.

Block may be welded for repairs and strengthening only. No performance-enhancing weldments allowed.

 Flywheel- Any SFI approved flywheel, including PVL. No factory stock flywheels unless SFI approved. A flywheel bracket may be utilized to lower the coil when using a 3HP flywheel. Block coil posts are non-tech.

The factory pull rope starter is legal. An optional electric starter nut is allowed. A flywheel screen/guard shall be required in place of the pull starter to prevent contact with the flywheel if the electric starter nut is utilized and the original starter is removed, for safety reasons.

 Ignition Coil must be factory stock clone part.

 Ignition Kill Switch may be removed. If removed, hole must be plugged.

Low Level Oil Sensor/Switch may be removed. If removed, hole must be plugged.

 Valve Cover must be factory stock. A pulsing connection is allowed. A spacer to allow for rocker arms clearance is allowed.

 Cylinder Head- Clone Head only. No Honda, Hemi, or Billet heads allowed.

 Cylinder Head Ports and Port Faces- must be factory stock; no modifications allowed.

 Cylinder Head Gasket Surface may be machined to any depth.

 Cylinder Head Combustion Chamber must be stock. No modifications allowed.

 Cylinder Head Welding is allowed only to repair rocker stud damage.

Cylinder Head Gasket is a non-tech item.

 Rocker Arms may be any ratio, but must tech within cam rules. Rocker Arms may be stamped,  Champion (New or Old style), or billet of any style (Roller or Shaft). Welding is permitted to strengthen rocker arms.

 Valves may be Clone, Honda, or Stock size and style stainless only.

Exhaust Valve Head OD must be .935″-.950″

 Intake Valve Head OD must be .975″-.990″

 No tech on Valve Face Angles.

 Exhaust Valve Seat ID .880″ maximum

 Intake Valve Seat ID .910″ maximum

 Valve Seat Angles are non-tech.

 Valve Stem Diameter must be .214″-.218″.

 Each valve must weight a minimum of 20 grams.

 Valve Heads must both be located above combustion chamber floor (no sinking).

 Valve Springs- Single only. Must be magnetic. No titanium. No tech on size.

 Valve Spring Seats may be machined.

 Valve Spring Shims are allowed, and are non-tech items.

 Valve Spring Retainers and Keepers are non-tech items.

 Carburetor Bore - No check on internal size of carburetor, any stock appearing carburetor is legal, NO 390 CARBS, NO EPOXY ON OUTSIDE OF CARBURETOR!

 Carburetor Emulsion Tube is a non-tech item.

 Carburetor Throttle Shaft is a non-tech item.

 Carburetor Butterfly screw is non-tech so long as it secures the butterfly to the throttle shaft

Black Phenolic Spacer must be in place. Blending and refinishing of the venturi/port hole is legal.

 Any single fuel pump allowed. May be pulsed from the block, side cover, or valve cover.

 Side Cover (PTO side) must be factory stock casting. Connections may be added for venting, or to pulse the fuel pump.

 Factory Clone Crankshaft or Original Honda, stroke 2.113-2.133″ with no modifications allowed. Allowance only for factory clean-up (no performance-enhancing modifications allowed).

 Crankshaft Connecting Rod Journal must measure between 1.166″-1.182″.

Crankshaft Bearings- Aftermarket steel bearings allowed. No ceramic or self-aligning bearings allowed. Bearing shields are not required.

 Crankshaft Gear must be factory stock, and may be welded to the crankshaft.

 Connecting Rod may be any length billet aluminum rod with babbit inserts.

 Piston- Honda flat top legal, and factory clone piston legal and may have the dish milled off. No domed pistons allowed; piston top must be flat. Piston top may be cut flat. Piston skirt may be clearance to clear crankshaft.

 Piston Rings must be of stock quantity and configuration. Rings may be trued. Stock style low tension rings may be used.

 Piston Pin is a non-tech item.

 Valve Lifters must be stock with round, flat base; no rollers.

 Camshaft must be stock core, but may be welded and heat treated.

 Camshaft - Measured at the retainer “as-raced” (with lash) .360

maximum lift, 280 degrees @ .050″, 160 degrees duration @ 200″,

 Pushrods are non-tech items.

 Pushrod Guide Plate is a non-tech item.

 Any Exhaust Header allowed as long as it fits within the confines of the kart.

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