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Time to NextRace:

3D Raceway iRacing Team

       We have created a race team that anyone with an iRacing account can join. If we see enough participation we can start hosting private races and will continue to do this even when the 2020 Season starts up. We know this is not the best supplement but we hope this will be a fun experience for all involved. 

       We do have some free perks we can offer for anyone joining the team shown below:

Custom Car Templates

Custom Car Templates made for free by us, you send us pictures of how you would like a car done and we will use Photoshop and create it for you so you can race it on iRacing!

playin dirt free 5.png
rusty 1.png
CR 1.png

Custom Private Races

We will be holding private race seasons for our Team members that are paid for and hosted by us! David and Brandy will be present to race in every one of them, Both may be racing or one will while the other Personally flags the race.

Now the important stuff

What do i need to start?

Well the first thing will be a computer capable of the specs HERE

You can use a game pad controller to race but we use the Thrustmaster TMX with the 3 pedal setup and shifter for Brandy and same but 2 pedal for David. You can use a single monitor, a TV or even a VR headset.


If you have everything sign up below!

Just entering your iRacing name (Typically the same as your real) We will send a team invite. Even with as little as 3 people we can host a race at the beginner tracks to help you start out. And eventually move onto the big time!

Join our iRacing Team!

We will search for you and send a team invite as soon as we get this!

iracing memberships.png