iRacing Rules

Official Rules

The rules for iRacing will be pretty simple. 


Disabled for now, But that doesn't mean it is okay to drive dirty.


Fixed setups will be used as of now. This may change but not yet.

Mic Chat:

Mics are open to all Racers, please don't call anyone out on the mic. Lets keep it civilized as possible. We may use a Discord server but that will not happen on the first race as it is an extra step not everyone is comfortable with.

Rough Driving:

We can and will use the Black Flag to either put you a lap down or be removed from race and forfeit points for the night. This will be a last resort.


There will be a full field yellow if needed and a caution flag can be thrown manually by 3D Staff. If it merits one of the 3D Staff will drop out of the race to fully evaluate the rest of the event.

iRacing Points (Updated 5/21/21)

The points system we are using is of our own and as follows:

Heat Race points
Finishing first in your heat if we have them will net you 5 points and deduct 1 point for each position behind the winner.

Qualify points
Getting pole will net you 5 points, no points are awarded to anyone else.

Race Points
1st Place: 50 points
2nd Place: 48 points
3rd Place: 46 points
4th Place: 44 points
5th Place: 42 points
We will deduct 2 points from here on out per position

Bonus Points
We will award 1 bonus point for leading a lap, and 2 bonus points for leading the most laps.

The most points you can get in one night will be 58 points. 50 for first, 5 for Qualify / Heat and 3 for leading a lap and leading the most laps.