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3D Raceway - Est. 2003

       Our track is a little bit short of an eighth of a mile. ( Dirt and clay mix) We have banked corners with both front and back stretch that are flat. The track is about 280' long and 35' wide 

with stoplights at the end of each straightaway. We have plenty of pit area. We have 4 sets of bleachers. Plenty of room for parking. We also have a great concession stand and bathrooms.  Our staff members and volunteers are very nice and friendly and we want everyone that comes out to 3D Raceway to feel welcome each time they visit. At 3D Raceway we strive to make sure that everyone has a fun and safe night of racing each time they visit us. If you have any questions about us, Please call Dee at (918)685-0994.

Our Staff

Dee Russell

From Dirt Track roots , Dee started racing go karts when he was younger and moved to mini stocks then onto factory stocks, pro stocks and IMCAs before stepping out to get his kids into racing. When his kids raced they ran at the now closed down track in Muskogee, it was then he decided to open a track at his home to continue their racing careers. Dee started in 2002 building the track and now its bigger than ever. Families come from all over and surrounding states to race at 3D Raceway. 

Brandy Rupa
OMSK Official

Dee Russell
Track Workers

Pending (Flagman)
David M Rupa (Gate)
Moonie Young (On Track)
Roger Moore (On Track)
Patrick Holt (On Track)
David M Rupa Jr. (Website)

Rupas Photography
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